GP 2020

Further to a committee meeting, the decision has been taken to formally cancel the GP for the remainder of the year.

This really hasn’t been an easy decision to make but as I’m sure everyone can appreciate under the circumstances there really is no other alternative. Races are being re-scheduled towards the end of the year now and even then there’s no guarantee they will go ahead. Some races have obviously been scrapped completely until 2021.

We only managed to complete 4 out of the 28 races and just 2 of the 10 parkruns, with just 1 volunteering event and half the XC.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the race list for 2021 in due course and hopefully the GP series will be fully back next year for all members to compete in. Fingers crossed!!

For the sake of completeness the tables will be on here for everyone to see.

Men’s 2020 GP table (final)

Ladies 2020 GP table (final)

DK members Grand Prix intro

DK Grand Prix rules (v2)

DK Grand Prix Parkrun rules

DK Grand Prix fixtures (v2)