DK Grand Prix

2015/16 Races

November – Suicide 6
December – Telford 10k
February – Stourbridge Stagger, Action Heart 5
March – Stafford Half , Rhayader 20
April – Lilleshall 5, Ironbridge Half
May – Market Drayton 10k, Cobra Classic 10k
June – Potters Arf, Newport Carnival 10k, Aldridge 10k
July – Midsummer 6, Andy Holden 5, Wyre Forest Half
August – Stourbridge Stumble
September – Wolves Half, Lake Vrnwy Half
October – Two Villages 10k, Bells Of Pattingham, Birmingham Half

In addition there will be bonus points available for those turning out and representing the club in regional and national events.

There are 22 races of varying distances, do as many or as few as you want over whatever distances you prefer and remember your 8 best scores will count, plus bonuses plus a joker. See the link below for scoring and rules.

DK Grand Prix Rules (Last updated 2014)

The format is simple. There are a number of races listed above of which your best 8 races will count towards your total score. The list of races includes various distances and many are local to make the series available to all but as only your best 8 count feel free to do as many or as few as you want.

The rules and scoring are listed below:

There are a number of opportunities to gain points:

  1. As we found people were entering races and finishing outside the top DK finishers we have included a new scoring system. Everyone who finishes will get 5 points irrespective of where they finish, this will mean that they could be the 21st DK runner back and would have previously come away with nothing. This year everyone gets 5 points for being listed in the results.
  2. Your position in the race compared to other club members. First back for the club gets 20 points, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd etc until either runners or points run out. This year the points will be split into male and female categories. 1st male gets 20 and first female will also get 20, 2nd gets 19 etc.
  3.  P.B. for the distance. 10 bonus points for a personal best irrespective of how much you beat it by but you must tell us.
  4. P.B. for the course. 10 bonus points for your fastest time over the course (obviously), if you beat your previous best for a race where distance is at best irregular it gives you something to aim for where the distance is questionable or not standard. Again it is up to you to tell us.
  5.  Newcomers bonus – 10 points for debut over that distance to encourage novices to race and be in with a chance of winning.
  6. PB’s should be DK PB’s, any races run and times recorded in the dim and distant past for other clubs will have a line drawn through them. Only times run in DK colours will matter, so if you have run a lightning quick 10k in a Halesowen, Tipton or Wolves and Bilston vest then that will not come into the reckoning when considering your PB performances. It’s a DK Grand Prix so only times run in DK colours matter.
  7.  Only 8 races will count towards your overall total (excluding bonus races like the xc and your joker race). You don’t need to tell anyone what these races are, they will be your top eight scores at the end of the season.



In additional to the race list, runners can nominate a “Joker Race”, one that is not on the list but will gain them massive points. This can only be used once. E.g. If someone wanted to use the London Marathon they I could bag 5 points for finishing, 20 points for being first back for the club, 10 points each for a course and distance P.B. and 10 points for a marathon debut gaining a maximum of 55 points. I’ve used a marathon as an example but the same thinking could apply to any race over any distance.

Club Bonus Races

We will also include “Club Bonus Races” where runners are rewarded for representing the club in the cross country leagues and road relays. Runners would gain 10 points for running irrespective of where they finish or what time they record. They would get 10 points for turning out in the Birmingham Cross Country League, appearance points I suppose. These club points will be doubled if it is their cross country or road relay debut. The intention here is to encourage runners to compete in club events, get the good runners out consistently but reward those who are putting their toe in the water for the first time. These points are doubled for turning out in the Midland Cross Country and Road Relays and will increase to 30 for the Nationals, again runners getting double points for their Midlands or National debuts. Hopefully this will allow some of the beginners/newcomers/improvers to compete against the faster runners from the club and mean that anyone from the fastest to the slowest could win it if the points fall right for them.

Start and Finish

Grand Prix starts as the last one finishes with the xc at Leamington and finishes with the BUPA Great Midland Run, i.e. the Birmingham Half Marathon


Everyone is entered automatically to the Grand Prix if they do any of the chosen races but they have to tell us if it’s a PB for course or distance or a distance debut and we need to be told within 7 days of the event, I appreciate we are relying on trust here but we can always disqualify people if they get caught out.

What You Need to Do

It is your responsibility to notify Dave Norman or Mark Judge of PB's, any potential bonus points you feel you are entitled to and whether you are making club debuts for cross country or relays. We would need to know within 7 days of the event to allow us to update the league table, any notifications after 7 days will have missed the deadline as we can’t keep revisiting scores. The door will close a week after the event so it is up to you to tell us in time. Obviously YOU have to enter each race and pay for the race not the club.


The league tables and information will be published on this website page and the club Facebook group.


Any queries to Dave Norman or Mark Judge, as competition Stewards they will have final decision.

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