DK Grand Prix

The club holds an annual Grand Prix which is inclusive of ALL members. We are taking this opportunity to refresh the existing Grand Prix to make it more widely available to all the various abilities we have in the club. One of the changes is that the GP will run from 1st January to the 31st December. There are other rule changes to make it more competitive and fairer.

How it works
We have chosen 22 open races of which your best 8 will score, we have used local races to help promote ourselves in this area and to reduce travelling for our members. There are x-country and relay bonus points (these have been reduced and are only available on specific races), you can select any other race as a joker race (try and score max points here), this year we will have a few targeted Park Runs added to score bonus points and get the club out in numbers. Not everyone can race the DK races so we have added marshalling points for those who whish to bank them as they don’t count against your races.
The Grand Prix is split with a men’s GP and a ladies GP so you are only competing against your own gender. The top 3 will receive an award and awards will be given for winning your age group (Senior, 40, 50, 60+), please note you can only win one award so if you’re in the overall top 3 then you will not win your age group, this will go to the next person.

Open Race List
New Year’s Day Handicap 4.2M
Stourbridge Stagger 10M
Action Heart 5M
Stafford Half Marathon
Cobra Classic 10K
DK 10K
Aldridge 10K
Gavin Tipper 5K
Race on the Edge (Wenlock Olympic)
Blakedown Bolt 10K
7 Mile road race (Wenlock Olympic)
Black Country 10K
Andy Holden 5M
Cannock Chase 10K
Magic Mile
Spitfire 10K
Coven Canter 10K
Sheepwalks Shocker 10K
Suicide 6M
Telford 10K
Pudding Race
Turkey Trot 5M

X-Country Races (Bonus 10 Points)
4 – Birmingham League Races ONLY

Road Relays -Sutton Park (Bonus 10 Points)
Spring Relay
Autumn Relay

Park Run List
Wyre Forest
Sandwell Valley

Click here for the rules