Training Schedule

12190984_10207992538153665_72116673542991779_nWe officially meet to run four nights a week (Monday-Thursday) at 19:00 hours and once on a Sunday from 0800 – 0830 hours. There is nothing stopping you arranging earlier or later times or day, as it’s often difficult to fit your runs around work/family or holiday commitments. If you do wish to go at a differing time, we’d encourage you to post where, when and how far you intend to run on our Facebook page, as you’d be surprised how many others might like to join you!

What do the training runs entail?

Firstly, this is only a *general* guide, as no two nights are ever the same! It depends on dozens and dozens of variables but mainly it’s due to who turns up, who suggests/demands(!) doing their favourite run and what they are training for!

Monday and Wednesday is predominately, but not exclusively, men’s night. They leave at 19:00 hrs., sharp and are back by 20:10 at the latest. They tend to do about 7-9 miles, and tend to stop 4 or 5 times for a minute or two to regroup. There generally tends to be two groups, the main group doing the something similar to what has been described, and a second group doing a slower, shorter, easier run. It’s difficult to say what the split in number of bodies is, as it just depends on who turns up, who’s back from injuries, who is doing a recovery run etc. etc. The main thing is that if you are not up for pushing yourself hard you’ll usually find a like-minded runner who fancies something to your requirements!

Tuesday and Thursday is club night, aimed at all abilities and something to cater for everyone. They aim to leave at 19:00 hrs. but it’s usually 5 or so minutes after this. They tend to do 5-7 miles and stop a couple of times for a few minutes to regroup. They are back at the club by 20:30 hrs. There is usually way more runners this night, and often split into 3 or more groups.

On Sunday’s we do a longer runs of 10-14 miles (predominately men) starts at 08:00 hrs, with the slightly slower, shorter run (predominately women) starts at 08:30 hrs. Both groups tend to finish between 10:00 and 10:30 hrs, depending on pace, distance etc.

It’s impossible to describe the runs as they change so much, depending on times of year, so the best thing is to turn up and see for yourself!

Please refer to the events calendar for any training events posted.