London Marathon Ballot Rules


Athletics clubs associated with British Athletics can apply for club entries into the London Marathon, the number of entries given to each club is based on the number of first claim registered members over the age of 18. We have been awarded one place at the Virgin London Marathon which we ballot to those that have a rejected entry.

This gives you another opportunity to run The Virgin London Marathon as a club runner if you have missed out on a place in the London Marathon Ballot or do not wish to take up the option of a charity place.

These entries are given on the acceptance of the rules below.

These entries are not free and you will still have to pay the entry fee which is non refundable.
1)       Must have entered the London Marathon individually and been rejected (must have rejection slip or letter)
2)       To be entered into the Ballot your rejection slip must be given to your Club Representative before the draw
3)       Must be current member of Dudley & Kingswinford Running Club and have been a member for at least 12 months (subs paid)
4)       Upon winning the Ballot under no circumstances can it be passed on to another runner – this is against the rules of the VLM and severe sanctions could be imposed upon the club if this is found to have happened

5)       If picked out of the Ballot for one year you cannot re enter the following years ballot
6)       The Ballot will take place at a date published by the Running Club Committee
7)       In any disputes the Committees decision is final
8)       This Years Draw took place on Evening October 25th at DK Rugby Club

9)       Once you have applied for your winners entry number normal VLM rules apply to that entry

Last year’s ballot winners excluded for the draw for the VLM in 2020