Grand Prix

GP Update

After another flurry of activity the Grand Prix has been updated but shows very little change in the order, the numbers just get bigger but the names remain the same.

Andy Weaver appears to have an unassailable lead at the top of the men’s pile on a round 600 points but has little possibility of adding much more to that total having used up his 8 races and played his joker, there is still the possibility on bonuses for relays and cross country but even those will make little difference to his total.

Dave Norman sits in second place on 553 possibly because he’s the only one who understands the rules and Mark Homer in the 3rd on 515, but both have little more points to be gained. Darran Bishop is in 4th place on 419 and appears to have his age group sewn up but Richard Jones on 204 might have something to say about that in 7th on 356 but with races in hand. Simon Hughes sits nicely placed in between them on 356 in 6th place but 1st in the Seniors age group. Rory Campbell is leading the M50s age group and Roger Beddard is 1st M60.

Helen Tromans is leading the ladies competition on 300 points with more cards to play if challenged, Lisa Kendrick is in 2nd place on 209 and Cilla Harding, on the basis of running most of the cross country races throughout the winter, is 3rd on 168 although Hannah McGuire is only 2 points behind in 4th place. Carol Fisher leads her age group in 5th as does Jane Campbell in 6th but there appears to be little interest in the ladies competition as it falls away quite steeply.

There are still three races left in the competition, the Sheepwalks Shocker, the Bells of Pattingham and the Birmingham Half Marathon so things could change before presentation night. This has been booked for the 1st December so this will be the last update before the night just to try to maintain a small amount of suspense.


GP Standings