Boston (UK) Marathon Report from Graham Wildgoose

Boston or Boston


Bank Holiday Monday and it’s time for an iconic race, Boston. Stop right there not the Boston USA but Boston UK, on the edge of Lincolnshire out by the wash you will find a flat uninspiring marathon course. When I say uninspiring what I mean is, if you think all marathons are thousands of runners, cheering crowds around big city courses with lots to see and remember for your days toils, well Boston is not like that.

The course started in the market square and lead you out of the town into the country farmland and that’s where we plodded for the next 24 miles, yes I kid you not. Running around field after field after field on small tarmac farm roads and “B” roads with high cambers, so it felt like you were running on top of the world or on a slope, not even a hedgerow was seen to break up the cabbage fields. Water stations were great opportunities to see other people other than fellow runners as there were no spectators to speak of. The last mile was back into the town to finish at the local collage. What a welcome site this was as the day had been hard with the sun backing us due to lack of shade and the mental torment was over after endless fields and no change in your surroundings for hours.

To add insult to injury it was back to the 1980’s Life on Mars style with a cotton T shirt and small finishers medal, I half expected Gene Hunt to come blasting through in his Quattro.

Finishers: Graham Wildgoose 121st in 3:37:48, Ingrid Cain 266th in 4:14:08 with good for age and 2nd FV55.