Grand Prix

Grand Prix Update (April2017)

After a flurry of Grand Prix activity over recent weeks it’s about time we had another update as things have certainly changed with people bagging PB’s a plenty and bonus points for cross country races and relay appearances.

Andy Weaver has taken advantage of his years in the wilderness and taken a huge lead by claiming massive points at the Midlands and National Cross Country races and also making his Midlands Road Relays debut. He leads by almost a hundred points on 382. Mark Homer is nicely placed in second on 289 having played his joker with Dave Norman on 239 and Darran Bishop on 234 not a million miles behind.

In the ladies competition Cilla Harding finds herself top of the pile having also bagged maximum points at the Midlands and National xc and is on 168, Helen Tromans is nicely placed in second position in 135 with Hannah McGuire again taking advantage of xc bonuses on 132 in third place. Carol Fisher is the only other lady to reach three figures on 121.

There’s still plenty of time for things to change and it’s far too early for people to start counting their chickens even if some people may already be clearing a space on the mantelpiece for the shield. We’ve seen things change pretty dramatically in the past and there’s no reason why this year should be any different.

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