Lakeland Trails – Keswick Report

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Saturday 3rd September 2016 – Lakeland Trails 15k, Keswick. You must have heard the phrase what happens on tour stays on tour? Well this could be that type of report, one where the names have been changed to protect the innocent and sometimes even the facts amended slightly to shield those of delicate sensibilities. A […]

Harper Scarper 5k Report

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Wednesday 31st August 2016 – Harper Scarper 5k It’s been said before but it needs repeating, this is an endurance event. Not this race in isolation but the whole Sexarathon Series, six months worth of top class racing against some of the best the local scene has to offer, over different, sometimes difficult terrain, it […]

Race the Train Report

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Saturday 20th August 2016 – Race The Train 14 This is a race that has always been missing from my CV. One of those events that I always feel I should have done and for one reason or another have just never got round to doing, the one race that whenever it comes up in […]

2015/16 Grand Prix Update

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After a fairly quiet month it was back with a bang for the Grand Prix with many bagging additional points by taking advantage of this being a new course and quite a few have taken advantage of the holiday period to play a joker by scanning the calendar for something obscure. Dave Norman has taken […]