Heroes In Hoops

Heroes In Hoops (July 2016)

July started with a big weekend of distance running, Sally McConville took part in the Eastridge Trail Half Marathon finishing in 2.37.35 to take 84th place of the 92 runners completing the 13.1 mile distance over hilly terrain. Meanwhile a group were completing lap after lap of the track at Wolverhampton’s Aldersley stadium in the charity Best Foot Forward event where local businesses and patrons had donated money to a pot which would be released to charities based on the number of laps completed. With each circuit representing £1 the further people ran the more money was donated. In all over 12,000 laps were completed with DK runners responsible for a fair proportion over the 12 hour event, with Graham Wildgoose completing 82 laps, Mark Judge 100 laps and the stand out performance of the day going to James Wright who managed 200 laps, equal to 50 miles. With many others making a telling contribution during the day the club certainly did their bit. For those trying to get away from Wolverhampton there was also the option of the Birmingham – Black Country Half Marathon, the point to point course following the canal network  and finishing at Brindley Place. Darren Marklew finished in 204th place in 1.44.31, Roger Beddard was 379th in 1.52.59, Meg Dowen was 736th in 2.10.49 and Sam Hemming, running her 4th race in 8 days, was 877th in 2.21.42. And a handful of runners competed in the Black Country 10k, a two lap race around the centre of Halesowen. Dave Norman claimed his third top 20 finish in the week in 19th in 40.36, Helen Tromans finished in 31st in 42.50 finishing 2nd lady to claim a cash prize, John Andrews was 96th in 48.53, Kathryn Sneyd was 108th in 49.27, Hannah McGuire finished in 51.13 to take 129th place, Sally McConville was 175th in 54.01, Liz Hettle 192nd in 54.59 and Debbie Richards was 371st in 1.10.37.

We were amongst the prizes in the Wyre Forest Half Marathon as Dave Norman continued his return to form finishing in 12th place in 1.33.47, Mark Homer came home in 1.38.22 to take 23rd place and claim 1st MV55, Helen Tromans bagged a PB over the course of more than 3 minutes taking 32nd place in 1.41.44 and claiming the 3rd lady prize, less than 30 seconds behind 2nd place. Graham Wildgoose was 88th in 1.52.45, Andy Morrison was 114th in 1.58.33, Andy Weaver was 126th in 2.00.30, Karen Doy finished in 2.06.04 to take 152nd place, Lyn Sprague was not too far behind in 2.06.50 in 157th, Russell Fox was 174th in 2.10.47 and Liz Hettle was 229th in 2.23.48. A small group travelled to Bromsgrove to take part in the Timberhonger 10k where Gary Bonner was first home for the hoops taking 37th place in 42.13, Dave Hickman was 92nd in 47.41, John Andrews was 149th in 50.28 and Jacqui Elson-Whittaker was 171st in 51.54. And we had a presence at the Droitwich 10k, part of the Worcestershire mid week series where Helen Tromans placed 76th in 43.10, Jacqui Elson-Whittaker was 150th in 49.36 and Debbie Richards was 212th in 1.08.44.

The blue hoops were rubbing shoulders with the green and white hoops of Tipton Harriers as a sizeable group made the short trip across the Black Country to take part in the Andy Holden 5, the host club kept many of the prizes to themselves but Stuart Perkins was first back for DK in 12th place in 30.02, Simon Blizzard was 20th in 31.38, Dave Norman 28th in 32.46, Mark Homer 29th in 32.46, Mick Quane 34th in 33.30, Mark Judge 36th in 33.36, Steve Parr 45th in 34.42, Sergej Lyubovnikov 56th in 35.49, Tracy Alderson 57th in 35.50, John Andrews 78th in 39.37, Cath Quane 96th in 42.25, Meg Dowen 117th in 47.03 and Sam Hemming was 121st in 48.52. And a couple travelled to Arley Hall in Cheshire for the Cheshire Half Marathon, having travelled together they ran round together with both recording the same gun times but Dave Ede just edged it on chip timing finishing in 1.50.47 compared to Paul Baker’s 1.50.49. And there was another couple seemingly running round hand in hand at the Trentham 10k with Alison and Keith Whitehouse finishing in the same time of 59.42, with Alison just getting the better of her husband in 142nd with Keith a place behind.

It was back to relay action as a large group took part in the Thunder Run, starting at noon on Saturday with the aim to complete as many laps of the undulating 10 kilometre off road course in a 24 hour period running through the night and finishing at noon on Sunday. The race attracted competitors in solo, pairs and teams of 5 but it was the mixed  8 runner teams category that interested the blue hoops with the club managing to field four teams, a total of 31 athletes pulling on the vest, some for the first time, to take part in the event. The A team of Matt Biggs, James Wright, Simon Blizzard, Dave Norman, Helen Tromans, Mark Homer, Mark Judge and Darrell Bodin hammered out lap after lap at an average of a fraction over 45 minutes for each circuit completing a total of 32 laps, a distance of nearly 200 miles, to take 9th place in a competitive field. The B team of Graham Wildgoose, Richard Tonks, Rebecca Warren, Tracy Alderson, Lorna Hulme, Steve Wood, Kevin Duckworth and Kathryn Sneyd covered almost 175 miles and 28 laps to come 28th. The C team of Andy Morrison, Sally McConville, Sarah Cox, Richard Jones, Pete Krivosic, Chris Wood and Nick Murphy completed 24 laps, almost 150 miles to finish in 107th place despite being a man down and only able to field a team of 7 rather than 8. And the D team of John Glover, Vanessa Morrison, Samantha Hemming, Ingrid Cain, Sarah Krivosic, John Gould, Cilla Harding and Wendy Martin covered just over 130 miles between them to finish 192nd of the 239 teams competing in the event.

And Telford’s Sexarathon Series bubbled away nicely with two races in July, the first over the long 4 miles at Ironbridge where Stuart Parkins was first back in 22nd in 25.02, Simon Hughes was 36th in 25.57, Craig Brown was 41st in 26.17, Simon Blizzard was 45th in 26.25, Dave Norman was 54th in 27.01, Mark Homer finished in 27.12 to take 57th, Gary Bonner finished in27.15, Pete Hood in 27.33, Mark Judge in 27.55, Helen Tromans picked up a prize in 77th place in 28.27, Steve Parr came home in 29.16, Segei Ljubovnikov in 29.28, John Andrews in 31.24, Andy Morrison 31.59, Rory Campbell 32.04, Richard Tonks 32.48, Sally McConville 33.53, Jane Campbell 34.41, Sarah Cox 34.57, Meg Downe 39.36 and Roger Beddard nursed a shredded hamstring round in 41.15. It was on to Town Park where the usual suspects appeared again for the Vic Musgrove Fast 5k, again Stu Perkins was first back in 17.52 to take 32nd place, Simon Hughes was 46th in 18.33, Simon Blizzard a place behind in 18.36, Dave Norman was 60th in 19.14, Craig Brown finished in 19.30, Mark Homer in 19.48, Helen Tromans in 20.02, Mark Judge in 20.10, Gary Bonner in 20.34, Pete Hood in 20.38, Sergej Ljubovnikov in 21.04, Steve Parr in 21.04, Richard Tonks in 21.05, John Andrews in 22.38, Rory Campbell in 23.03, Roger Beddard in 23.09, Jane Campbell in 25.40, Sarah Cox in 25.48 and John Glover in 27.16.